Touiteur for Twitter Android App Review and Giveaway!



Touiteur is the best twitter client for Android in my opinion. the free version does not support all feautures of the premium client, but thanks to the wonderful developers of the app we have 1 copy of the app to giveaway! To be entered in this giveaway post a comment on this post saying why you should be picked. We will pick winners on Saturday May 1st at 12 noon central time. GIVEAWAY IS OVER


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13 Responses to “Touiteur for Twitter Android App Review and Giveaway!”

  1. jason Says:

    I deserve to win because I have had the free version since it was first released, and really want all the added feautures.

  2. simon Says:

    Because I Love levelup’s works !

  3. Manuel Says:

    I’ve tried many different other Twitter clients and none of them worked like Touiteur. Being able to use also the premium features would even make it more than perfect for me. 😉

  4. alexis Says:

    I’ve tested different Twitter app and touiteur is simply the best! I don’t have access to the paid market here in Belgium. So this is my only chance to own the full version. I would like to use the Touiteur widget and all the nice features!

  5. Michael A. Says:

    I deserve to win because I want to spread the word about how great Touiteur premium is! Also, I can write backwards with a pen as fast as I write normally. Random fact, but not many can do that! Haha.

  6. jlp Says:

    I’d love a free copy touiteur. Why should I be picked? Because I’m still awake at 3:43 AM, wading through the day’s tweets (in touiteur, of course). If I had the premium version, I could put the widget on one of my home screens and keep up-to-date all the time. Then I could actually sleep at night and stop annoying my lovely wife.

  7. Terry Says:

    I love this app and would love the paid version. It’s tough right now for me to purchase apps with everything going on and would really love to have this one app.

    It would be helpful with all the stuff I do on twitter throughout the day.

  8. James Says:

    I have a premium license for this app, As I think this is the best Twitter app on Android, Check out the authors other apps, Foxyring and Beautiful Widgets also.
    I would like a free copy for my wife, so we can “Touiteur Together!”

  9. Robert Rogers Says:

    I deserve to win, because I have tried every one of the twitter apps out there. Been dissatisfied with most. However, Touiteur is actually a good app and most importantly it is pretty. Can’t tell you how embarissing it is to have an ugly interface for twitter. Touiteur is good looking enough that you don’t mind showing it to others. Not to mention the developer is very responsive to issues that arise.

  10. ulluss Says:

    Because touiteur is the best client and I love it

  11. Brett Says:

    I have had Touiteur since day one and I really want to reap the benefits of the paid version. Due to monetary constraints (don’t we all) I have actually only purchased one app in the market: Beautiful Widgets, which is also developed by LevelUp. The best dev on Android platform (bold, yet very true statement)

  12. Gary Says:

    I use the free version everyday, but I would love to see what the full version offers. Touiteur has become THE essential twitter app for my HTC Dream and is one of the most compelling apps for the Android platform. LevelUp Studio shows what Android apps are truly capable of.

  13. ulluss Says:

    And the winner is?

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